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We have been involved in dried fruits and Specially in Pine Nuts (Kernel & Shell) business since 1983. We are producing and exporting from Afghanistan and Pakistan all Premium quality dried fruits and nuts, including organic certified products. We are proud of our history and have absolute confidence in our future.

QK Pine Nuts is always bound to provide you with a brilliant experience when it comes to retail and wholesale marketing.

We have managed to capture the great market share in exporting Pine Nuts(Kernel & Shell)and various commodities including Dry Dates, Fig, Apricot, Raisins, Pistachio, & all kind of Dry Fruit’s.

About Pine Nuts: Pinus gerardiana, commonly known as the chilghoza pine or neja, is a pine native to the northwestern Himalayas in Afghanistannorthern PakistanWaziristan and northwestern India, growing at elevations of 1,800–3,350 metres (5,910–10,990 ft).[1] It often occurs in association with

Pine Nuts are high in fat low in carbs and a great source of several nutrients including vitamin E magnesium and selenium. Pine nuts are rich in Vitamins A and lutein, both of which are known to support sharper vision and build stronger bones, thanks to their Vitamin D content.


We aim to be the most trusted, authentic, premium World brand, that stands for delivering the regional taste diversity of Pakistan in all its authenticity and freshness to all our customers. Each of our products shall be created around natural produces and shall be accurate to ensure that the taste, best represents the origins.


Our Mission With the experiences gained through a lifetime spent in the fields, farmer family seeks out the best quality products throughout the country and builds strong relationships with farmers to ensure that each and every item we supply is the absolute finest of the country.

  • To adhere to all global standards and incorporate all the necessary quality protocols.
  • We want to offer the best quality and price for customers.
  • To build long-term relationships with Vendors.
  • Bulk Purchasing, Bulk Selling and Packaging.
  • To always supply the right products.
  • And we try to target the export of goods so that we can create a positive balance in the country’s foreign trade relations


  • Professionalism
  • Our employees are our asset.
  • Ethics in business transactions.
  • Integrity, Trust and Fairness
  • Specifying and paying attention towards customer’s needs, desires and requirements in all operations.
  • Providing standard and quality goods.

Why Choose QK Pine Nuts ?

Why Choose QK Pine Nuts ?

Our Dryfruits are prepared under the supervision of quality controllers and use high quality of product to create the best product for you.

Best Price

QK Pine Nuts brings the best quality product at the best price range in the market. Get best quality guaranteed at the best price with us.

Satisfied Clients

Our first most priority is Happy and Satisfied clients. We work hard to ensure our clients get the best quality product and in the best deal.

High Purity

QK Pine Nuts products are known for their long shelf life, best purity, and leak-free hygienic packaging. Grab our highest purity product!

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